Welcome to Talk Studios

Welcome to Talk Studios

Where beer is drank and recording occasionally takes place.



Owner: Dawson Scholz



Drawn to music at an early age, Dawson grew up playing drums and piano. He later moved onto bass guitar, and later electric guitar. At age 14 he started to experiment with recording and videography, starting on old tape recorders and video cameras his parents had lying around the house. Growing up with his 2 younger brothers: Kyle and Parker, music was always being played. The three of them began playing together and Dawson began recording their jams sessions. He also began making movies and shortfilms with him, his brothers, and high school friends. In 2010, Dawson, Kyle, Parker and their friend Tj formed the band, “The Ongoing Concept”. In 2011 Dawson grew tired of looking for people to direct a music video for his band, so he took it upon himself to do it on his own.  Arrows Before Bullets became the very first music video he ever did. Since then he has completed 8 music videos for The Ongoing Concept and 6 music video for various bands.

In 2012 The Ongoing Concept began working on their full length album, “Saloon”. Dawson decided he wanted to record the album himself unlike the band had done for their two previous EP’s. Completly self taught, Dawson produced, recorded and mixed Saloon himself at his home. The album was released in August, 2013 and was praised for its diverse sound and style.

In 2015 Dawson took things farther by producing The Ongoing Concept’s sophmore album, “Handmade”. This album was much different in the fact that all the instruments recorded were made by the band themselves. Dawson produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered Handmade. It was released on June 16th, 2015 and placed #137 on Billboard.

Since his start in recording, Dawson has produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered numerous albums. See below for a full discography.

The Studio




Black Water Prophet // Ghost -2015


The Ongoing Concept // Handmade - 2015


The Static Tones // Brotherhood of Strangers - 2015


The Revision Scheme // Deterministic - 2014


The Static Tones // Death - 2014


The Ongoing Concept // Saloon - 2013









Standard Recording Rate (includes: Recording, producing, mixing, and mastering) – $300 / per song

Standard Mixing Rate – $75 / per song

Standard Mastering Rate – $50 / per song.

/ /

Standard music video (band performance only) – $1500

Music Video /w story attached – $2000

Editing Only – $100 per minute (ex. a 4 minute video would be $400) 

Color Correction – $25 per minute